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Introducing Mark Smith, a seasoned business consultant based in Sydney and Orange. With a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Sydney and an MBA, Mark merges legal expertise with business acumen. His wide-ranging experience spans finance, insolvency, construction, and more. Mark is your go-to source for practical business advice, innovative tax solutions, and steadfast support for your challenges. He's also the brains behind Snowgums Group, a notable boutique accommodation provider, giving him firsthand business insights. To tap into Mark's expertise, choose from two options: a Business Health Check for an overview or a personalized consultation to address your specific needs. Stay connected with Mark on Twitter ( and LinkedIn ( for industry updates. For asset protection tips, visit his Facebook page ( or connect on his personal page ( Ready to elevate your business? Reach Mark at 1300-327123 or chat instantly via the corner chat tool. Don't miss out on Mark's insights to propel your business forward.

Steve Papermaster and fellow conman Alexander Vanderhey

2 min read

Update on conman Steven Papermaster's alleged US$2bn sovereign investor

Shrouded in Secrecy: Nano Cures and the Dubious US$2 Billion Claim

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Steve Papermaster and Opulence Group: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Saudi Suckers

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Steve Papermaster nano cures

4 min read

Steve G Papermaster – Nano profile

updated 5 February 2023. Steve claims to be a technology entrepreneur and public policy expert who is highly experienced in founding, growing and...

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