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Is Steven Papermaster a conman?

What do I need to know before investing in Nano Cures?

What is Steven Papermaster's track record?

What do past investors say about Steven Papermaster?

Who are Steven Papermaster's crooked enablers?

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Is Nano a good investment?

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Why did Ernst & Young dump Papermaster?

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Who is Steven Papermaster?

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How did Papermaster get 800k Facebook followers?

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What patents does Nano own?

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Who are Papermaster's associates?

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Does Papermaster pay his bills?

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Who is writing this website?

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Why does this website exist?

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How do I find out more about Steven Papermaster?

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Are the Papermaster's a crime family?

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papermaster DALL·E 2024-02-09 17.35.58 - Re-envisioning the previously depicted bank robber character, now placed in a corporate environment. The character is wearing a sharp, modern business



To lure Mozido into their trap, defendants touted their contacts and presence in the Chinese market ... went to extraordinary lengths, including forging the signature of Neusoft’s Chairman ... having an imposter pose as Neusoft’s Chairman and CEO ... elaborate scheme ... they ultimately convinced Mozido to lend them $6.5 million ...they had no intention of repaying and for which they pledged functionally worthless collateral in the form of securities.



An asset-less ... pea & thimble trick

pea thimble trick DALL·E 2024-02-13 09.05.26 - Recreate the image of the pea and thimble trick on a white background for a cleaner and more simplified appearance. The image features three metal t

... Patents belongs to another company. 

An illusion ... a scam.  A concoction. Simply #toogoodtobetrue



"We have quietly distanced and dissolved our relationship with Steve and kindly advise you to do the same. " ...  Stasia Mitchell, Global Entrepreneurship Leader - 30/9/22.

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