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Update on conman Steven Papermaster's illusory US$2bn deal with Sheikha Salama bint Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Update on conman Steven Papermaster's illusory US$2bn deal with Sheikha Salama bint Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Shrouded in Secrecy: Nano Cures and the Dubious US$2 Billion Claim

Unraveling the Claims Behind Nano Cures International Ltd.

Steven Papermaster, the driving force (and possibly its only driver) behind Nano Cures International Ltd, said to be backed by Two S Holdings, last year stirred the investment world with his audacious claim that a family office linked to Sheikha Salama bint Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan—said to be a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family—had poured a whopping US$2 billion into Papermaster's Abu Dhabi-based firm, Nano Cures International Ltd.  Really?

Alleged investor

Self-described as a global healthcare technology company, Nano Cures startlingly appears to the writer to have absolutely no assets, yet is now aiming to undertake a massive US$5.5 billion reverse takeover of Canadian entity, CRAFT 1861 Global Holdings Inc despite its auditors Green Growth CPAs providing an


unqualified opinion expressing doubt that the company can continue as a going concern.


The relevant press release can be found here:  https://in.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/CRAFT-1861-GLOBAL-HOLDING-151500573/news/CRAFT-1861-Global-Holdings-Inc-Auditor-Raises-Going-Concern-Doubt-43169525/

The writer is unsure why Steven Papermaster's Nano Cures would want to pay anything for a company that may not being a viable going concern?


Dubious Company Foundations and Regulatory Scrutiny

The allure (or mirage) of royal backing and significant financial commitments is shadowed by troubling inconsistencies.

A deep dive into the UAE Ministry of Economy’s records reveals that Two S Holding Sole Proprietorship LLC, the entity allegedly linked with the royal family, is not recognized by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce?

Furthermore, historical data uncovers two similar companies, both with lapsed registrations—one ambiguously headquartered in a local hotel’s foyer in Dubai, and another with a convoluted and unclear address, suggesting possible administrative neglect or intent to mislead?

The original source documents published via the UAE Ministry of Economy can be sought here:


Document 1

Document 2

Document 3 - UAE Ministry of Economy search results

Document 4 - Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce search results


Critical Regulatory Compliance and Skeptical Business Address

The latest announcement regarding the proposed takeover by CRAFT 1861 Global Holdings emphasizes that the completion of the arrangement is subject to standard regulatory and compliance checks in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, projected to proceed "as soon as practically possible." This claim necessitates rigorous verification, especially in light of the murky business registrations and non-existent operational footprint of the involved entities.



Conclusion: A Call for Transparency and Investor Caution

The scenario unfolding around Steven Papermaster and Nano Cures International Ltd is a complex tapestry of high-stakes financial movements, said royal connections, and cross-border regulatory landscapes.

Investors and industry observers would be wise to approach these developments with heightened scrutiny.

The lack of clarity, the questionable existence of the company’s physical and operational base, and the expired registrations of associated entities all raise significant red flags.

For those following the developments, it is crucial to stay informed through reliable sources and ensure any investment decisions are grounded in thorough, independent verification of all claims, especially given the significant sums and reputed names involved.

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